Are Your Hydrants Prepared?

Georgia Fire Hydrant Repair

Hydrant Maintenance

Our maintenance service includes lubrication and repair, reports, mapping, and painting to meet your local fire codes. Our Fire Hydrant Maintenance Program provides uninterrupted service for your hydrants and is transferable. Learn more.

Water Utility Construction

Davidson has been Georgia's premiere underground utility construction contractor for more than 50 years. Water, sewer, and storm water systems -- whether you need planning and construction or repairs to your existing system, we can service your underground utility needs. See why.

Site Preparation

We can help with your site development needs. From project planning to full site development, we can help your project reach completion on time and within budget. Learn how.

Emergency Utility Repair

We can provide both equipment and qualified manpower to assist with your municipal utility emergency repairs. For after-hours assistance, call us at 770-227-1335. Learn more.

We are DHUS

Fire hydrant audits, repairs, and maintenance in Georgia
Why hire Davidson Hydrant & Utility Services, LLC?

As your independent fire hydrant and underground utilities contractor, accountability and liability stops with us. It's that simple.


Davidson Hydrant and Utility Services, LLC, specializes in preventative maintenance for fire hydrants and support for underground utility projects. We provide solutions for government entities, commercial industry, and construction contractors.

Fire Hydrant Maintenance Services

A good preventative fire hydrant maintenance program not only keeps hydrant parts working smoothly, but also it helps prevent surprise capital expenditures. The Davidson Fire Hydrant Maintenance Program takes a standard maintenance program a step further. Davidson Hydrant and Utility Services (DHUS) services your warranty program by providing maintenance, installation, inspection, marking, mapping, flow testing, and other services required by local and federal authorities to keep your hydrants compliant with the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA). We deliver to you the information needed for filing your annual reports.

As well, we are certified installers of the DATV hydrant upgrade kit, an off-the-shelf anti-tamper, corrosion-resistant, no dig hydrant upgrade kit. The Davidson ATV is recommended by the US Army Corps of Engineers in their Final Report on Project F09-AR12, which was published in October, 2013. You also can download a copy here.

Installing the DATV kit in hew hydrants will dramatically extend the functional life of the hydrant stem, while installing the kit in your existing hydrant will refurbish the hydrant to better-than-new working condition.

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Underground Utility Contracting

We are dedicated to the security and efficiency of underground utility infrastructure. Water authorities, businesses, medical facilities, retail developers, and more -- We provide water infrastructure planning and construction solutions for your underground utility projects and repairs.

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Manpower and Equipment for Emergency Utility Repairs

Catastrophic events can leave thousands of citizens without working utilities. With our in-house system of qualified employees and on-site equipment, DHUS can provide manpower and equipment to help municipalities with emergency response services.

24 Hour Emergency Response | 770-227-1335

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Fire Hydrants

  • Audits / Inspections
  • Servicing & Repair
  • Installation
  • Certified installers of the no-dig DATV hydrant upgrade kit
  • GIS mapping
  • Contact us about our cost efficient Hydrant Maintenance Plan

Ground Utilities Construction

  • Pipe lines
  • Sewers
  • Sewer lines
  • Pump stations

Earth Work

  • Clearing
  • Grading
  • Excavating
  • Boring
  • Trenching
  • Haul off